Library Platform Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Vulgate leverages several AI technologies to make the contents of your library more accessible.

The result is an entirely new way of engaging information that supercharges students and academic research like never before.


Vulgate utilizes several AI technologies such as Generative AI, Computer Vision, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide the following features:

Neural. Vulgate uses neural search powered by AI, which intelligently understands your query and provides more relevant results based on intent and context.

Neural search also enables cross-language queries, which is another way of saying that one’s query, in say English, can still be used to search materials in other languages. This often significantly expands the search results from a library that consists of books in many languages.

Keyword. Vulgate also offers keyword search, which is a search method where users input specific words or phrases related to their query, and a search engine retrieves results based on the presence of those keywords in documents, without necessarily considering the context or meaning behind the words.

  • Vulgate allows sophisticated and precise research across a broad variety of documents and languages. Our inquiries span millennia, from pre-Christian manuscripts to current publications. One study of the Assyrian and Catholic churches took 30 years to complete. With Vulgate, it would have been reduced to a year or two. Vulgate aids research.

    Rev. David Nazar, S.J.
    Rev. David Nazar, S.J.
    Rector / Pontifical Oriental Institute
  • The way Vulgate is harnessing several AI technologies is groundbreaking for university research and it's democratizing access to library information. Any library that isn't embracing digitization and a platform like Vulgate will be left behind. That is why CatholicTech is proud to be collaborating on such an important endeavor.

    Alexis Haughey
    Alexis Haughey
    Founder / Catholic Institute of Technology


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